We lose 2-3kg of muscle mass per decade if we don’t perform progressive resistance training. This has deleterious and profoundly negative effects on health and function. We aren’t the only ones talking sense about this kind of stuff. Check out this great article on a website that I highly recommend you visit for quality information that will make your life better – https://www.positivehealthwellness.com/fitness/beginners-guide-workouts-shoulders-backs/

I see the gym as a necessary evil because it really is the only place to be able to do the required lifting of weights for a better and healthier future.

I get it. No-one really wants to be spending time in a gym moving heavy-ish things around. What they really want is to be outside sailing, swimming, playing tennis, throwing the kids around, snow skiing, jumping up and down a ladder building stuff, rowing a boat on a beautiful lake etc etc.

But you get what I am talking about, yeah? It is what the gym work can do for you, that makes it a smart way to invest some of your time consistently. There are some inescapable truths and one of those is if you don’t use it, you lose it and if you don’t challenge yourself ever, you get soft. The body will slowly but surely downgrade once we get past our glorious 20’s and early 30’s….if you were lucky.

I am sure there are more eloquent ways to describe it but quite simply if you aren’t lifting weights, I am sorry, but you are getting weaker, less functional and inheriting a slower metabolism by the year. It is one of those things that you may not notice until it becomes plainly obvious that you have let things slide, like the bins are getting harder to put out or that box that needs putting above the wardrobe is getting really hard to manage. I realise that the concept of lifting weights, doing resistance training or how ever you like to describe strength work may be foreign and not something you have ever done. But now is the time to start. My advice is to hire a professional to make sure you learn how to do this safely and appropriate for your current movement capabilities. The FMS is a great place to start to know what is the best starting point. It is something we routinely do with each client before they start with us. Lifting weights is a life time skill that everyone needs. Hands up if you want to be able move well with balance your whole life (core training using various angled moves with a loaded pulley), lift stuff around your house (Shoulder press, lat pull down), get up and down from the lounge chair or get in and out of your car (squat & lunge movement)?

See below for a summary from the American College of Sports Medicine (who don’t make statements unless incredibly supported by copious amounts of high quality research)  of what strength training does. Don’t get me wrong aerobic or cardiovascular training is fantastic too but you just can’t forget progressive overload. It HAS to be a part of your routine. Never mind building muscle, most of us will do really well just to hold on to the muscle we have, especially if you are over 50 like me!

Want some of this? We can help!

p.s Don’t for that article I mentioned before. It is a great article on a great website that is right up our alley. I am sure you will like it too!

A Beginner’s Guide to Workouts for Shoulders and Backs


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