Lifting overhead

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Paul Chek talks about the ‘Primal Movement Patterns’. I think it is a great structure on which to build a strength program for anyone but especially those who just want to perform well in their day to day environment. These movements are Squat, Push, Pull, Lunge, Twist, Squat, Lunge, Bend and Gait. 

Today the video is about the Vertical Push and I am demonstrating the Single Arm Dumb Bell Overhead Press. Think about what you need to do in your house or garage or garden or wherever. Often it is called upon you to lift something and put it in a space above your head. 

If you include this exercise in your program you are preparing yourself for the demands of daily living that you may be faced with from time to time. It also happens that this and other exercises based on the primal movement patterns could help you be better at some of your leisure activities and maybe even create better looking muscles. A perhaps unexpected and happy result 🙂

Just FYI, that is not actually a carton of beer going in the cupboard but a handy use of an empty carton for other stuff! It’s Christmas and yes beer is drunk at this time 🙂

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