I was going for a run on Sunday morning (not all that long, just a head clearer) and got to thinking. Life is what ever you want to make it isn’t? I think the emphasis is on the ‘want’ in that sentence. So what do you want? It bears thinking about because life can just slide on by. I saw a Larsen cartoon of a slim young lady getting up from the lounge chair in front of the tv leaning forward to change the channel (no remote controls in those days) saying to herself, “just one more show” and then another image of the same girl who is now an old lady looking much larger than before  leaning forward to change the channel, saying again to herself, “just one more…” Insert whatever your vice is here because we all have habits that we know are not helping our health. Maybe it is time to address these before  life slides completely by.

I think change can happen in stages. It doesn’t have to be one almighty awakening (but they often end up the most dramatic). Just set your target on some aspect to change and keep working until that is your new habit. Then eye off the next one and hit that. That is how we work with clients. No point in trying elaborate crazy things when the basics aren’t even being covered. The amount of times I have had a question about whether this supplement or that supplement is any good only to find that the person asking the question isn’t ticking any of the boxes, like eating breakfast every morning or including a wide variety of fruit and vegetables in their daily diet or they are not consuming  high quality, low fat proteins at all or eat far too much saturated fat and no healthy fats. I am sure there is a witty saying about that concept but for the moment it eludes me! If you can think of it tell put me out of my misery and shoot me an email.

I know how big the job can feel at times but little steps will get you back in control again. It is amazing how good this can feel too. Make your life count. The best lives are full of action and a wide variety of experiences. Being fit, healthy and strong is a prerequisite of the self actualised person or at least a massive part of the process of becoming so. If that isn’t a goal I am wondering why it isn’t?