How do you satisfy all the demands? You know, enough fibre, not too much saturated fat, the right amout of zinc, folate and magnesium , not too much sugar, Well I don’t know if I can make claims on satsifying everything with this plan but I have put together an example of a pretty darn good eating day that satisfies some of the big ones.

Let’s assume a 2200 calorie eating day which is probably about right for a 75 kg person who is active who wants to trim up a little. There are so many variables that go in to whether this is the actual right amount of calories  because yes everybody is different. Different metabolic rates, different activity levels, different fitness goals etc etc.. But the attached PDFfound here  (printed out from our Diet master pro software to be used in our body balance challenge  is a good example of an Australian Dietitians Association recommended ratio of carbohydrate/protein/fats for general health.

You should know they recommend 50-60% Carb, 15-20% protein and 25-30% fats, 30g of fibre and no more than 10% of your energy coming from saturated fat, i.e. get a good amount of omega 3 and omega 6 fats with a concerted effort in the omega 3 direction.

I have also attached a report on metabolism matters 36_Master_Metabolism_Report_FFPbpversion which everyone should read. We are bringing in the big guns next Monday and Tueday and are doing direct resting metabolic rate measures which if you got last week’s email some very valuable information for those interested in losing body fat. You should call us on 3854 0386