Lessons from the perfect month

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It’s August 1 and I made it. One month of pseudo perfection. ‘Pseudo’ because nothing and no one is perfect but here is what I committed to and what I learnt.

No Alcohol – achieved. Found a nice no alcohol beer called Erdinger.

No Coffee – achieved (not ‘no caffeine’ as it turns out green teas has a fair bit!).

No added sugar – I didn’t put any teaspoons of sugar in to anything but certainly didn’t avoid sugar completely as it is in virtually everything. Remember that 4-5 grams is a teaspoon and more than 6-7 a day is probably too much.

Higher protein diet – to some extent acheived. Found a great high protein breakfast cereal called Protein first which I highly recommend.

3 cardio type sessions per week and 3 strength training sessions per week – achieved. I guess if I can’t achieve this then there is a problem. But don’t forget I am human too and have the usual personal challenges that everyone else does including old injuries to manage and demands of life to prioritise. I think everyone understands that issue.

I had a blood test which revealed an interesting increase in testosterone. Admittedly the first test was done some time back (way before the perfect month) but the second was done just last week. I went from a low level reading to high for my age, perhaps the levels of someone 10 years younger, if I believe one website I read. Can I attribute this to the perfect month? I think, yes more than likely. Interestingly my LDL cholesterol has not improved, still slightly higher than I would like and my HDL cholesteroal slight lower than it should be.

The antioxidants including resveratrol and CoQ10, omega 3 from krill oil and multi vitamin (a) don’t make any difference or (b) have not been taken long enough to have a noticeable impact on this aspect. I believe the latter and not the former. There is just too much research backing them but I will keep you posted as I do indeed like to self experiment.

So how did I go body fat wise? I dropped possibly 2% which was certainly in the right direction but perhaps not as spectacular as I would like. It really is a matter of the longer you stick with a healthy approach the more long term progress you will eventually make. Patience, tweaking and relentless positive action is the key.

I must say too, I have felt very well this month. Good energy and way less aches and pain . I think the no coffee, no alcohol thing has reduced inflammation in my body and is something I highly recommend you do. Feb fast, Dry July, Ocsober or what ever, just take up the challenge some time. You will get something really good out of it, even if it is only to prove to yourself that you are running the show and you are not a slave to mindless habits.

I found that my net diary was a great way to track my food intake and the numbers were very revealing even for me. It is the ultimate coaching tool because it tells you where it is all at. Awareness is where change begins.

Last note. I found that pure chocolate in the form of cacao gold is the super healthy stuff that is spoken about. Low in sugar, fat and calories, high in phytonutrients and all round good stuff. It is a great indulgence that makes traditional milk chocolate look like poison! If you have any questions about the perfect month and or would like to see more (photos, video etc) just email me and I will send you a link to check out more.

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