You know one of the most important things about setting a goal is a strong emotional connection with the result. Perhaps I needed to pick a challenge that piqued a stronger response in me. Nevertheless, the last 12 weeks have been an interesting challenge.

Have a listen to the you tube video for the final run down. The picture of myself below  is perhaps as good as it gets for the leather pants (I wasn’t sucking it in I promise!) and maybe it is good bye for good to those things of the past, especially those things of questionable taste!

Well done to Craig and Michelle who are indeed in the best shape of their life. There will be some great pictures up of their achievements very soon. So look out for those and marvel at what good goal setting can achieve.

One final thing on a personal note is that I would like to announce my engagement to one beautiful woman called Jacqui Mayer. Happy times here at Best Practice! Hope your year has been as good as mine!

How? Why? (is he still breathing?) Jenny what was the name of that seamstress again? Not quite ready for the body building contest I guess. Maybe next year folks……