It is an unfortunate fact that unless you either stretch, massage or do some form of myofascial release (more on what that means further on) you will get an injury. When you exercise you are using muscles repetitively and whilst this is a very good thing to do, they do get tighter and with out preventative maintenance, will ultimately  lead to dysfunction.

My advice is to stretch after all sessions to keep up the range of motion if nothing else. There is a bit of academic controversy as to whether stretching really prevents injury. My instincts say ‘it can’t hurt’ because it does actually feel good to do and yogis for centuries can’t be all wrong! Secondly,  get regular massage. Who is going to argue with this one? I made the classic mistake myself recently of letting it go too long with out one and payed the price and had my   leather pants program interrupted (not happy!). Thirdly I am going to recommend the foam roller as a form of self massage and classic preventative care.  This funky device has been used by phyisotherapists for some time and is a tool everyone should use in some capacity, to maintain the suppleness of their body. We will be running a short course in how to use these things effectively in the new year. I strongly encourage you to get one and then use it! We have them in stock.

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