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I posted last week about the Biggest Loser.

The myths and misconceptions continue unabated and yeah I’m still watching…..

But just so we are clear. Don’t try to trade off calories on the treadmill for the extra 20-30kgs you are wearing. You don’t have enough time to do this and you will be bored before you even burn up the proverbial drop in the ocean and or get injured in the process. So am I saying that calories don’t matter?

Well Yes and No.

Yes because what you think is a calorie probably isn’t and No because an excess of energy consumed WILL become stored fat. SO WHAT IS THE ANSWER THEN MR PERSONAL TRAINER!!! Don’t worry I can feel your frustration. But here it is in a nutshell- (keep in mind that these are general guidelines and may not suit your particular circumstances or need specific explanation. Consult with a professional to clarify what is right for you personally. We would be a good first contact!)

  1. Increase protein and  reduce simple carbohydrate intake. Eat healthy fats.
  2. Eat a stack of vegetables always.
  3. Start moving more in general – even 4 dedicated sessions of training each week will amount to little for some genetically challenged souls when the other 98% of time is spent sitting (on the bus to work and on the seat at work all day and then on the bus again going home).
  4. Build core strength as a first priority then progress to functional strength (i.e. useful movement). After this aim to be progressive in your strength training meaning that you need to ask your body bigger questions in order to get body composition change. The simple way to do this is aim to do a little more or a little better each week you train with the exercises in your program. Cycle your training every quarter so your body has to keep guessing. It will be more fun besides being more effective.
  5. Include cardio training but interval style and high intensity relative to your level unless you have become so fit and cool 🙂 that you can do endurance events. Then, by all means knock your socks off with long cardio work but understand that you will almost definitely lose muscle mass in the process.

Sometimes the devil is in the detail or getting started is just hard to do. That’s why we exist. You know where we are!

p.s. The bit I left out above is finding your own personal ‘why’ to help get you started but more importantly to keep you going. I will share mine. I see life as a one time shot and I see many things that are great to do and most of them require a certain level of fitness, strength and mobility. It is my goal to maintain as much of that for as long as I can so I can take as big a chunk out of this thing we call life as possible. What’s yours?


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