Just fillin’ in the time….

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I grew up in my formative years with an older mentor. He was the epitome of cool (in my mind) and I listened to most things he said. He was part surfer, part philosopher and part older brother. I will never forget one time when I hadn’t seen him for a while and I said, ‘What’s been happening?’, as you do. ‘Just fillin’ in the time between birth and death mate’ was the response. I remember thinking how depressing that sounded but I have, over the years began to see it differently.

My wife is reading a book called the ‘5 Languages of Love’. Good read from what I can gather. I read one excerpt which was addressing one of the ‘languages’ which is ‘quality time’. It spoke about doing things with the partner who ‘speaks’ that language and how the worst that can happen is that you have a rich tapestry of memory stores to draw on in old age. How true it is. Why wouldn’t you want to experience as much as you can in the time we have. As I get older I see just how fleeting this life thing can be. I believe we have an obligation to live well and richly. I suppose I am talking about nothing more than the bucket list. But you know that the opportunity to experience lots is greater when you are fit, healthy and simply willing to have a go.

Speaking of which, the Bridge to Brisbane was on yesterday. I was seriously questioning my decision to run it, when I got up and it was cold and I ended up in a traffic jam that didn’t move for 15 minutes when I was in a hurry! (I had to pull my kick bike out of the van after parking in a loading zone and high tail it to the pool where I was due to meet a hardy client/friend of mine. I missed him! We both made it there on a bus in the end). But being out there running across the bridge with the thousands who also could be bothered was, as usual an uplifting experience. There were all shapes and sizes and even super heroes! I am very sore this morning because my running prep could have been a little better but it feels good in an” OMG, that’s right I have leg muscles” kind of way. Does it matter in the overall scheme of things? Nope, but does it matter on a personal level of experience? Well yes it does as my legs work and I have literally no excuse. Have you been watching the Para Olympics by the way? Talk about no excuses……

At the beginning of the year I spoke about 5 events. The Mount Cootha cycle challenge, the BRW corp triathlon, the Bris to Bay ride, the Bridge to Brissie run and the Bris to Gold Coast ride. I missed the first (I am human) but have ticked off the middle three. I REALLY want some of you on that ride. A photo of a bunch of us in the famous orange shirt in Southport  come October 7, for more than just shameless marketing – a celebration of attitude and capability perhaps? I feel like it is my job to literally drag you in! My emails and newsletter weren’t enough for this last one, as the best I could get is a photo of my own feet! Expect a phone call and some serious badgering for the ride! 100k’s is not that far. Don’t worry anyone can do this believe me.

I hope you are fillin’ in the time well. As my friend, Hansell (He’s so hot right now) in the very bad, Zoolander film said – “Grip it and rip it” folks.

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