As you know we have always strongly encouraged recording what you do. We even had a back end built for the purpose on our old website. I have mentioned before that we are looking for our new online fitness and nutrition diary and we are in the negotiation process still.

But in the mean time we are going to put our old site back up under or something similar. But the purpose of this entry is tell you of a very cool US website which is free for you to track your foods, body measurements and your activities. As with all these things there is some set up and some fiddling to get it sorted but it is worth it, if only for the exercise tracking section. We like to say that if it is written down it didn’t happen! (meaning it is so easy to forget). Okay the site to check out is Let me know if you like it and stay tuned for the launch of our new back end which should have something similar but Australian. We will have a barbecue and online demo for you as soon as we are ready to go with it.