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Joao Goncalves – Exercise Scientist!

Joal Concalves

Professional Personal Trainer in Brisbane

Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science


I grew up and live in Lisbon, the biggest and most fussy city of Portugal. Since I was 5 years old my free time was passed doing competition sports like swimming, cycle, football and triathlon.

After finishing high-school I did two years of Electronic Engineer at the University but soon I realised that it wasn’t for me, what I really enjoy doing everyday was sports and I was missing it so much that I gave up and in the following year I signed up in a different University (ULHT in Lisbon) to take a Sports and Exercise Science graduation that I finished in 2009.

However, my professional career inside the Fitness world  started before I finished my degree. In 2004, while I was a member of The Spinning Portugal Demo Team, I was invited by a Spinning Instructor to be his apprentice and after a few months I was giving spinning and cycle classes in one of the most prestigious clubs in Lisbon. The same club that gave me the opportunity to improve my skills and my qualifications and after a while I was also giving classes of HIIT, Circuit, ABS, Pilates and besides that I was working everyday in the strength room making evaluations and delivering training plans for athletes, as I am also a triathlon athlete. I stayed in that club until 2019, when I decided to move to Australia. A decision that I made after I came here in 2017 on holidays to visit some friends, and have fell in love for this country and for the people. So, in 2019 when I received an invitation to work in a Pilates Studio in Brisbane and for me it was an easy decision. 


Education Background: Spinning Instructor, Pilates Classic, Degree in Sports and Exercise Science, Triathlon Coach Level 1 (Federação Portuguesa de Triatlo)

Future Ambitions: Increase my knowledge inside the Exercise and Heath field; Take a diploma in Osteopathy; Get a triathlon Coach certification Level 2 (Triathlon Australia)

Travels: Europe, New York, Dominican Republic, China and Australia

Hobbies: Cycling, Triathlon, Golf, Hiking and Cooking (and eating)

Favourite Food: Every Portuguese traditional food

Favourite Sports: Motorsports, Triathlon and Cycling.