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Jared Hunter

Jared Hunter

Professional Personal Trainer in Brisbane

Bachelor of Physiotherapy - current

Australian Catholic University

I grew up in country NSW in a small farming community. I was always very active as a child either participating in school based sports or just being outside on the farm. I left school at 17 and worked in construction for a year before joining the army and being posted to Brisbane. I spent 5 years in the army deploying overseas twice before leaving and travelling for a year. I did not develop a real interest for the health and fitness Industry until after I left the army and was able to explore and find my own areas of interest within the industry. I have since studied a year of Exercise and movement science and am currently in my third year of a bachelor of physiotherapy. I have been working as a personal trainer for three years specialising in strength based training and rehabilitation.

Education Background: 1 year Exercise movement science, 3rd year bachelor of physiotherapy, Diploma in remedial massage, Cert IV in fitness.

Future Ambitions: Finish my physiotherapy degree and specialise in the field of sports physiotherapy in a personal training setting because that is what people recovering from injury need and hardly ever do! The exercises prescribed by the physio 🙂

Hobbies: Travel, Being outdoors, Eating

Travels: 25 countries mainly Asia and Europe

Favourite Food: Italian….. Pizza

Favourite Book: Jack Reacher series