I think exercise is to the body as saving is to finance. Every time you do a workout you are investing in your health and building credits up that you can draw on at any time. If money creates freedom then a consistent training program creates a life worth living.

You can diversify your investment plan thereby spreading your risk. Most people start with a tried and true low risk cardio training program and walking is a good start. As people become more sophisticated with their investing they start to see the benefit of core training methods like Pilates and yoga…..and then with even greater knowledge understand the powerful currency that strength training with weights is.

These activities are part of the arsenal of the wise investor! Remember that you can’t keep withdrawing from the bank, you have to make regular deposits. This metaphor holds true for relationships and perhaps even more so. So start your ‘savings’ plan now, it is never too late to make a difference but the longer you leave it the less you will enjoy the power of compounding interest and the satisfaction and joy that come from having built a solid base over your life.