One of the truly unfair aspects of life is that you cannot ‘store’ fitness. You can train hard for a long period of time and make some great gains only to see it all disappear at a distressingly faster pace than it took to get!

But, at the same time one of the ultimate truisms of life is that it is the journey and not the destination that counts. That is also a hard one to get your head around when goals are what drive us.

I was thinking about all this today when we were out on the kickbike in the cold and the relative dark with a few best practice diehards sweating up a storm around me. It is funny what goes through your head at 6am in the morning! Consistent exercise is one of those things that has the rare quality of having physical, mental, social and it could be argued financial benefits. I suppose it is easy to understand the first three but financial? I can hear you saying, “but hang on I am ‘paying’ for this”. Well yes you are but I can tell you that those who aren’t exercising are paying far more for not. The investment in one’s self is the best that can be made because everything else literally emanates from that base.

A highly functioning body.  

A great mental outlook. 

Many active friends to go on adventures with.

These are the spoils for you my friends,  if you can to consistently quieten that innervoice which screams for the doona or argues for that extra piece of cake.  Winter is the time to get your head right and cement the habit of this thing called exercise!