My answer? It’s better to be a Jack of all trades! I believe that an extreme of anything is unhealthy and that when it comes to heroes I like mine to be versatile. Decathletes are the real deal in my opinion. So when you are considering how you should train there is a definite hierarchy on how to build it and also an ‘end game’ approach, to then maintain this thing for life.

First things first. You need to have a good base (and then maintain that because you will find that you can’t really store any of this unfortunately. There is no resting on your laurels Jack!) and Pilates or Yoga is a good place to start.

After this you need to consider two things, building strength on your Pilates base which prepares you for power and then building a fitness base in way that prepares you for being fast. Here is a great article that talks about the three different energy systems that need to be trained in some way to achieve this. The good news? Training will NEVER be boring. If it currently is, then you need to mix it up and include something from each system. Pretend you are training for a decathlon! It will help you in ways that you may not yet be aware.

Learn about the ATP-PC system that will help you sprint to make the bus in the morning, find out more about the GLYCOLYTIC system that will enable you to run hard to the  florist which is 400-600 metres away from where you parked which is about to close and your wife needs those flowers!  See how training the OXIDATIVE system will allow you to successfully complete that trek in Nepal on your adventurous holiday.

This information will help you understand why we program the way we do and why you need to do the same because it is built on solid scientific principles and is guaranteed to make you more useful in your life. If you commit to training this way in your life, you may never be the best in the world but you will be more capable of doing lots of stuff and will put you in to an elite 1-2% of the population, who won’t be seen sitting on the sidelines.

Who doesn’t want to be capable of a broad range of activities all the way to and including old age?

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