This is appropriate for members of our new gym or those who have access to a treadmill.

This can be done in 25 mins and you need a heart rate monitor and an all clear from your doc (of course).

5 min gradual warm up bringing your heart rate up in to a training zone. What is a training zone? Usually 70-80% of your predicted maximum heart rate. A better formula however is 220-your age – your resting heart rate. Multiple this number by .7 (or .8) and add back on your resting heart rate.

For 15 minutes you might perform 10 efforts of 60 seconds at 85-90% max heart rate with a 30 second walking (or jogging) recovery. Just on that, you may actually not even have to run to get your heart rate up enough. You could use the elevation on the treadmill to boost the intensity or you could choose to run on the flat or up hills if that is what you need. Just remember, this is about ‘relative intensity’, meaning relative to your current fitness level. If you don’t have a heart rate monitor yet, (I advise you get one asap) then you can use the talk test. You should be able to talk in the recovery phase but not so much in the ‘on’ phase! Experiment with this a little and try to observe, over time your ability to walk faster up hills or tolerate a higher speed or recover quicker.

It is amazing to watch (and feel) how the body adapts and becomes more capable. If in doubt about any of this drop me an email.