Interesting study proves PT worth

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An interesting study on how to help people become more active has basically confirmed the importance of face to face behavioural intervention (read: having a coach or personal trainer). The study and it was a big one, found amongst other things that “…… any method where participants record and track their activity over time, appears to significantly increase awareness and provide motivation for improvement”. This is why I want you to record your activity and why I am looking a better system that brings all of best practice and ‘Sweat’ clients together to feed off each others achievements.

This behavioural approach was found to be way more effective than so called cognitive strategies aimed at trying to change peoples attitudes or beliefs via education methods. I can only but agree. I feel like I talk and talk sometimes but the message usually only really gets through when the hand is held if not pulled a little! Clients that hire us intuitively know this and is definitely one of the reasons most gyms don’t work on their own. This is why we strongly encourage you to know when you need that accountability you will get from a trainer.

If you want to read more on this study, entitled ‘Focus more on the how and less on the why’, check it out – here. The idea that you should focus on the ‘how’ is interesting and goes a little against common wisdom in this area. But it main tenet agrees with controversial sports psychologist Phil Jauncey’s approach of helping people to  ‘just do it’ and not get stuck in the over analysis of other interventions. You’ve heard of ‘fake it till you make it’.  Perhaps this is sage advice when attempting to get people to exercise more because by the time you start thinking about it, the exercise behaviour will be habit and have a life of its own. The only issue here is the ‘getting the ball rolling part’.

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