We pride ourselves on being of what I call the future of personal training. What I mean by this is the departure from the old school, ‘do what I say or else’ type dogma. You know the image I am talking about, trainer in tracksuit with whistle around his or her neck, military flavoured haircut with square jaw beneath, barking orders staccato style. We are more the confidante and coach meeting you where you are at, changing plans if you turn up with an unexpected issue, be it physical or mental, listening more than talking, adapting.

So quick quiz. You decide. Intelligent personal training or….not?

65 year old with knee issues doing aggressive box jumps?

Large group of people, with a mixed level of training experience all doing the same exercises in a circuit type set up?

Client turns up late. Trainer pushes client straight in to a high intensity move so as ‘not to waste time’

I think you guessed the answers! Best Practice Personal Training. Working hard to earn the title of Brisbane’s best personal trainers.

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