Infographic - Our Process - Best Practice Personal Training

Infographic – Our Process

Best Practice Personal Training Infographic

Best Practice Personal Training’s Process

So let me explain this infographic a little.

It summarises all that we are and and all that we do. I have always been a big believer in a holistic approach for personal training. Even when I first started in the fitness industry back in 1990 I knew we were more than just drill sargents shouting at people to work harder. I always saw that as a very simplistic and universally unappealing (at least to the non exercising public) way to present a solution to people who want to just feel better. So just for the record yeah, I never did the shouting thing. Whilst it is true that everyone is different in what they respond to, the overwhelming majority of would be life time exercisers want to be treated with respect and met where they are at and encouraged to where they want to go. It doesn’t matter if the trainer or coach was some kind of fitness legend, it doesn’t mean that the client wants to be that. At Best Practice Personal Training, that is one of our key understandings. Most people just want to be better and how far that want to take that is something that they may not even know when they start the journey.