Most of you probably remember this classic line from the movie, When Harry met Sally. Don’t underestimate the power of modelling: the example you see makes you want to be like that, especially if it looks good! As most parents end up realising it doesn’t really matter at all what you say it is what you do in the end that counts and it is what kids will copy.

The message this week to find from someone around you that is doing the job and start mimicking. It is a brain physiology fact that we work better with images and the richer the detail the better. Perhaps you are reading this and think, ‘well you know I am doing pretty well’. If that is you great! Be the object of inspiration. You may have received an email with an offer to your friends and family. I encourage you to encourage them to make a commitment and get moving. Why wait? Life is happening now whether you think it is or not. We all know that once you can get that boulder moving it builds a life and a force of it’s own that can smash through big barriers.

We have had the privilege this year of witnessing plenty of that!

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