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I went to a conference on the weekend and listened to an expert in nutrition. Now I am not talking about some self proclaimed guru with outlandish claims of instant results from an obscure plant source or some such rubbish but a legitimate scientific researcher with real knowledge from years of practical experience, years of his own research and years of study in to literally hundreds of other scientifically and heavily scrutinised work in nutrition. So bottom line is, you can listen to what he says. He reminded me of something which we all intuitively know but need to be reminded of occasionally. Magazines like Mens Health and New Idea etc. are motivated primarily by sales and nothing else, so good stories get reported not scientific research.

Okay, so what is it that is so important?

Nutrient timing.

It is WHEN you eat which is way more critical for muscle building and fat loss than WHAT you eat. Research is telling us there is a special ‘window of opportunity’ for making fantastic gains in fat loss and muscle building. It is also a time when you can get away with some things you won’t get away if you don’t exercise. So if you don’t exercise you don’t ever get a window. This is not to say that you can eat what you want at this time but certainly higher energy carbohydrates and faster absorbing protein is recommended at this time.

So what is the window? About half an hour before to about 3 hours after your sessions. In fact research is showing this one factor  is looking like THE difference for those getting muscle gain and fat loss from their training and those who aren’t. The other factor jumping out is that resistance training is more important than cardio training for body composition change. I will talk more on this next week. I have always liked a mix of both and usually in about equal measures, i.e. 3 strength, 3 cardio sessions in a week but I will be changing my programming based on this new cutting edge information and you should too! If you would like to know more just drop me a line.

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