Sometimes I have a dream. I am up on a pulpit preaching health and fitness to the masses….. fist coming down for emphasis and spirits soaring amongst the crowd as they soak in and own every word I utter, as if from God him (or her) self, I know, I know typical personal trainer type with a God complex!

What I dream next is a world of active people…. happy, strong, flexible and fit people. No I am not talking some ‘Globo gym’ utopia of lycra and latte’s. I am talking about down to earth people who every day make activity a simple part of their life and look & feel immensely better for it.

As you know we are personal trainers and our job is to help make this more of reality for more and more people. You know how they say that you can give a person a fish and they will eat for a day? Well the analogy is the same. We are teaching people how to ‘fish’ so they can be active for life. This is the answer. It needs to be a part of your life and not just something you go and do separately in a square boxed room filled with plasmas and pumping music (although this can and should indeed be part of it – because it is hard to do the non-negotiable progressive strength training anywhere else).

So my dream is that this Monday morning you are reflecting back on a perhaps adventured filled but certainly fun (because movement is a celebration) infused weekend of action and activity like surfing, mountain climbing, hiking, jogging, swimming, kicking the footy in the park, paddling, horseriding…whatever. I am keen to hear about it!

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