“The secret of genius is to carry the spirit of the child in to old age, which means never losing your enthusiasm”. Wise words from Mr Aldous Huxley apparently. But I can tell you enthusiasm is a lot easier to muster when you are able to…. get out of the chair.  A client told me she read some where credible that the main reason people had to go to a nursing home was because they could simply not get themselves out of a chair anymore due to muscle wastage. Now there’s a vote for strength training if ever there was one.

So you just have to lift weights. Agreed? But  I can hear blokes screaming. “I don’t want to be Arnold Swarzanegger or anything you know!!” or the  ladies who cry  in disgust, “I don’t want to bulk up”, as if this was an easy thing to do. I am here to tell you that just hanging on to what you already have is going to take a pretty major effort in itself and if you want to build some, then get ready for some real work!

There is no doubt having some muscle makes the human body look better but it make go way deeper than that. Read this article on the ‘fountain of youth; and tell me if you would like to spend more time on the treadmill or are you ready to start lifting some weights?

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