Thanks to Craig and Michelle. I am not alone in the leather pants challenge. Who’s next? Any challenge is good!

You can link back to the whole story and on there are the measurements for the week

Craig Roberts and Michelle Leversedge have decided to go public. When asked what Craig’s goal was he said, “that’s simple, one word ‘Abs!'”

He has come a long way and for the full story on his result so far and his motivation for change click below. He was definitely in it for how it made him feel and this new goal represents stage 2 on the journey.

Click here for some before and afters of Craig thus far:


As for Michelle, she has just done amazing stuff. Click the attachment for her stunning results. Her new goals and her public challenge is taking her a step further and increasing the focus on her own personal ultimate result.


Please understand this. We all have different motivations for ‘getting fit’. We believe here at Best Practice that it really is all about how you feel and if the visual is a motivator then USE it. In the end it is about being happy with who you are and comfortable in your own skin. Do the best you can and you can never lose with this.

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