Ever blamed your hormones for what you ate??? Whilst we could go into great detail in this area, I wont bore you with a physiology lesson. I will however give you a bit of an in depth look at a couple of key hormones which affect our eating and how we feel.

Do you ever get that feeling when you have not eaten in a while (say 6 – 7 hours) of a real aching, disturbing, frustrated feeling inside your stomach? A feeling which is almost like a gremlin has crawled inside and is playing havoc on you? Well this is hormone in case point number one. Ghrelin. It is triggered when your stomach is empty and makes you feel super hungry. The little guy inside cries out “feed me, feed me, feed me” and to silence him you usually grab the first thing you can put your hands on (we all know what choices they usually are 🙂 ). TIP #1-  Avoid this little gremlin and eat every 3 – 4 hours.

So we have looked at one of the hormones when your stomach is empty… what happens as you start to eat? You have these little receptors on the side of your stomach (mechano receptors) which when they are triggered from your stomach expanding sends a message to your brain. After 10 minutes your stomach elicits a hormonal response as a result and our hormone number two is Cholecystokinin or CCK. This hormone along with the receptors on the outside of your stomach lets your brain know that you are being fed and you are full (hunger suppressant). Matt O’Neil comes up with a great saying of “wait for CCK to come out and play”. CCK tells the stomach to slow down the digestion process so that the small intestine can properly digest the fats! We certainly dont want unnecessary fats creeping through the system and storing themselves in our body! So in other words wait 10 minutes for your brain to register that you are being fed.  Tip #2 SLOOOWWWW down your eating and take at least 10 minutes!

A little bit of a nerdy insight (I love reading about this stuff) but at the end of the day look at the take home tips to help you out with your eating 🙂