testimonials2If you have been living under a rock or don’t read my stuff 🙂 you probably won’t know that we had our inaugural push ups for charity event on Saturday. It was awesome! You know what it’s like when you try and organise a party or something and you have a nagging feeling that no one will show. Hence I have been a little edgy. You know the kind of thoughts I mean. Here I was trying to organise something promoting two no brainers – raising awareness of the importance of  exercise and donating to charity. If I couldn’t pull a crowd with those two trump cards what did it say about my crowd pulling ability??? There is definitely a psych thesis somewhere in that!

But as it turned out we had a great roll up of clients, friends and family (over 35 peeps in the end, thank you so much for being there!), beautiful weather, a fantastic amount of pushups performed by 27 people and a whole bunch of generous people donating online. Congratulations to Martina for pushing out the biggest female number of 56 and for Jonathon doing an incredible 120!

If you were kind enough to sponsor somebody on the day make sure you ask them about their number and multiply whatever you agreed upon – .50c, $1, $2 or $10 per push up. You can fulfil that right here, right now! You can use it if you just haven’t got round to donating. Your support is very much appreciated.

Here is a link to some pictures and here is a link to some video (or search you tube if this link doesn’t work – you can also become ‘like’ best practice on facebook where there are a number of pictures and video too) of the day if you are interested in how much fun you can have doing one of the most simple yet effective exercises there is whilst doing something worthwhile for a great cause – thank you to Katrina from Make a Wish for being there on the day and telling us about the great work that you and the organisation do. We will be doing this again each year and I will be aiming for bigger and better each time so no apologies, you WILL here about this again!

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