How to stay on track these holidays.

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Let’s face it, it’s hard to stay on track on holidays. Also, we live in a very fortunate place where a lack of food is not usually our problem. Ahh yes the doubled edged sword! We are not going to starve but will we eat too much this Christmas?

Whilst we don’t count calories here at Best Practice, it is a solid fact there is much ‘energy’ stored in the various tasty treats that get thrust in our face a bit more so than usual around the Christmas period. Without being accused of being the Grinch of Christmas, let’s look at some strategies for incorporating a bit of naughty whilst staying nice to our temples.

We all know that there is a price to pay if we let things get out of control, so read the list below and think about it a bit when next faced with the calorie oblivion of the staff Christmas pudding. We may not know exactly how many calories are in that mince pie, but I can tell you that it does equate to something extra that must be dealt with somehow. You can decide whether it is worth it when you really consider the reality of ’cause and effect’. After all, you know what your body can handle – so listen to it this Christmas and keep exercising too. It is simple mathematics when you consider what the end result might be of nothing going out and stacks going in. It doesn’t end pretty!

So here are my Top 7 strategies to avoid big steps backwards this Christmas:

  1. Be aware of what you are doing. No mindless eating.
  2. Set specific days where you allow yourself to indulge and not worry. But limit this to what you know works for you and your schedule. Your history will be your best clue here.
  3. Drink lots of water. Always. But particularly on the key festive days. Alternate an alcoholic drink (if you must) with water.
  4. Set aside now dedicated days where you will 100% definitely exercise, so you commit to movement. Holidays equal active. It could be your new mantra.
  5. Aim to maintain your current weight. Visualise stepping on the scales and seeing the same number by Jan 4 or Jan 11, whichever week you start back after the holidays. It is not realistic for most to think that you will lose body fat at this time of year. Whilst the scales can be a crude method to measure this, it is still worth looking. A tape measure around the waist or hips may be better. Just a quick side note on weighing yourself… It needs to be consistent. Don’t jump on at varying times of day or state of undress. The best time is in the morning wearing minimal, if any clothes, after using the bathroom if possible.
  6. Have your exercise schedule for the new year booked into your calendar ready to go. This small act sets up intention which is a huge part of getting things happening.
  7. In your down time, set some time and energy aside to set your goals for next year around health and fitness. Put it to paper and commit. This act will have an indirect affect on choices you make this holiday break I can promise you.

One last thing… that ISN’T me in the photo!


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