Let’s face it. We all know what to eat. We just don’t know how to get organised to actually do it.

Sure there is lots of confusion out there when it comes to eating well but the overall picture of good healthy eating is pretty clear for most people. You know what I am talking about…. more fruits and vegetables, lean portions of protein, more fibre and healthy fats. That’s kind of it in a nutshell.

I know you probably still have lots of questions about nutrition beyond that thanks to the crazy diets in the weekly mags and the ads you see promising rippling abs and shapely booty by taking a tablet or something else just as ‘too good to be true’.

All in good time for those questions. Right now I think you just need to get generally organised in your kitchen.

If you would like to see how we do it go to this page and get your free Kitchen Rescue Pak. I know there should be a C in there but just run with me on this as you are getting distracted 🙂

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