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Covid 19 Update: PT & Nutrition Coaching Now Both Online And In-Person

“For those who are finally ready to gain energy, lose unwanted fat and or just simply feel better. In these difficult times there is nothing more important than looking after yourself. We will coach you to new life-long habits” 

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Another unknown year begins…….

This picture was done as a bit of a laugh back last year when everyone was saying that Covid, at least in Qld was over. To be clear, I never really believed that but at the same time didn’t dream that we would be told to wear masks in our own private car either. Anyway, as they say in the classics “it is what it is”. That saying I think glosses over what most people are actually feeling and that is undoubtedly a sense of uneasiness if not straight up anxiety. It is true that uncertainty is one of the big stressors for a lot of people. 2021 is kicking off with as much of that as we have probably ever seen in our life times, at least as a society anyway.  Personal experiences are another matter. One of the tenets of good mental health is the ability to focus on those things you can control. There is absolute futility in worrying about those things you can’t, but that doesn’t stop us from doing it at times. When I start to feel like this I go back to the most basic of functions we perform and that is breathing. It is the one sure way to get back to the here and now. Try it right now. Think only of your breath, inhaling slowly, feeling your diaphragm expand, hold it and then slowly but surely expel that air. Continue this for at least one minute. I would be surprised if you don’t instantly feel better, more grounded and more in […]
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The Why Of Best Practice Revisited……

There is no doubt that Covid 19 has impacted us all in some way or another. No one is unscathed. Some of the changes have been actually good, as we learn to think differently using our ability to adapt. But some of the fallout has clearly not been good, as I consider those who have had businesses devastated and literally livelihoods taken away. We should also not forget to mention of course, all those who have lost their lives. I figured it was time to share some thoughts of mine as I reassess my life, my business and my future in this world we find ourselves. Best Practice started pretty much off the cuff back in 2005. When I say ‘off the cuff’ it is because there wasn’t a lot of business planning per se. It was more like, “I want to be fit, healthy and robust for the rest of my life and I reckon others do too. If I help others I am more likely to stay on that path myself” That was it, that was the inspiration. I guess it was kind of selfish when you get down to it, but putting self interest aside I have always been a natural coach and helping others something that I was drawn to. Besides the aforementioned motivation, I had studied all aspects of human performance including, exercise science, coaching, nutrition, physiology, anatomy, motor learning, biomechanics and psychology across 3 university degrees. But despite all that, I was still wanting to know more. You see, this whole field was super […]