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We help people who want to be fit over 45 to lose weight, gain energy and move better… without doing dangerous exercises or some fad diet.

Here’s What to Expect at
Your FREE Personal Training Session​

1. A Consultation & Training Session Designed for You

​I will go over your health history, any injury concerns and discuss where you are at right now fitness wise. A very low fitness level is okay! All this is to make sure we keep you safe but still have an energising and useful workout (5-10 minutes).

2. Check Out Our Studio

We’ll show you around our facility and introduce you to some of the other coaches and hopefully another member or two (3-5 minutes).

3. Get Loose and Feeling Great

I will take you through a great warm-up incorporating some muscle tissue techniques you may never have seen or used before. Rest assured they are designed to get your body feeling loose and ready for moving well (10-15 minutes).

4. An invigorating workout

I will take you through a combined mobility, strength and cardiovascular workout that will give you a ton of energy and spike up your metabolism. You’ll feel energized and happy when you walk out not exhausted (20-30 minutes).

5. FREE Blueprint for health and fitness success

You’ll get a free copy of an ebook I wrote on how to successfully get going with this health and fitness gig and then keep it going. Success will be your long term attachment to a habit of exercise and healthy nutrition.

Kay Herse

“The Best Practice approach is professional and motivating and incorporates very high levels of expertise in the fitness area. All the team are very knowledgeable about the mechanics of the body and they have devised a program for me that eliminated a significant neck problem that many visits to a physiotherapist had not achieved”

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Dom Harper

“My goal when I joined BP was to “not die young” and I figured the path to achieving that was to regain an enjoyment for participating in physical activities. Any previous gym I had been to I felt like just another number, a “sheep in the crowd” but with Best Practices intimate and personal gym and class sizes I feel part of a community….”

Terri Macchion

“Anthony and the team at Best Practice made it so easy for me to start doing exercise activity after many years of doing nothing at all. I now have much more energy, feeling healthier, more flexible and I can see my body changing over time. They get my highest recommendation.”

Getting Started at Best Practice is simple and easy​

Step 1

Try a Free Personal Training Session As Per This Special Offer

This is for a limited time. You will have your session with Owner and ’20+ year in the trenches’ fitness guy, Anthony G. I want you to be sure we’re the right place for you so we’ve taken all the risk off the table. If you think we can help after this session – go to step 2!

Step 2

Get assessed (a little further) and have your personal plan of attack written up

We’ll consider carefully how you currently think, eat and move so you get what you specifically need to do to achieve your health and fitness goals

Step 3

Try us Risk-Free for 30 days

Even once you have started, you are protected. We’ll hold you accountable to your plan for 30 days to ensure good progress, and then if you don’t LOVE us and what we do for you, we’ll refund every cent.

Not Quite Ready? Download The Healthy Life Cheat Sheet