Health Family Influence by Anthony Gillespie

I have an Italian mate and I always marvel at his family gatherings. They are larger than life, highly energised, a cast of thousands and full of chatter, sometimes sadness and always laughter. The family get-togethers in my mind were the microcosm of what it is to be human. It wasn’t always pretty and it certainly wasn’t always peaceful but wow was it vibrant!

There are positives and negatives to a family that seemingly knows everything about each other but the alternative can be a staid and boring old place. And how cool is it to know that there are so many people within your sphere that not only give a stuff about you, but are willing to help out when the going gets tough?

I had a client this morning that has been encouraging her grand daughter to exercise regularly this past year to help with stress relief from study and other teenage stuff. This particular client, a 60 + year old dynamo is the driver of her family. In the past 10 years in my business, she has brought along her daughters, daughter in law and niece, as well has having an indirect but significant influence on a son in law who has recently lost over 12 kilos and improved his life dramatically as a consequence. When one person in a family can spread that much good you get to appreciate the power of relationships and the very special ones that emanate from a strong family unit.

At this time of year, family becomes something we think about even more. If you are lucky enough to be surrounded by lots of family, be sure to appreciate it for what it is and remember that you get back what you put in to this world, always. Sometimes your ‘family’ can be your friends or even your pets and that is all great. You take love where you can get it.

The cyclical nature of life and the coming of Christmas (again), gives us the opportunity to contemplate what we often push to the back of our minds. In our crazy and frenetic existence it is valuable to carve out some time albeit briefly, to be thankful and acknowledge the importance and joy we get from our families no matter how maddening or non-conventional they can sometimes be.

And if time permits, even if it’s the annual backyard cricket match, a swim at the beach or a walk down the street, treat this time of year as an opportunity to get out and active with your family.

Have a great Christmas folks.

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