Half way through the year: health check up

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Half way through the year: health check up

So, it’s halfway to the end of the year! Are we on track or not? This is an important question that needs to be periodically asked because operating without feedback is akin to ‘hoping for the best’. And you know whilst I am a big believer in positive thinking and many of the elements of the celebrated “The Secret”, merely ‘hoping’ without the hard data to adjust course does not normally end well.

At the start of this year you probably made some claims, resolutions, assertions or if you were really serious, actually had written goals about how this year was going to go health wise. I am suggesting to you that now is a good time to do your check in. I would like to think you were appraising your progress on a monthly basis and taking the appropriate action to keep on target, but I know that not all of you have your health on that pedestal of priority!

At the very least though, let the EOFY signify more than just a check in on your finances…

So what should you be checking? I would at least be looking at the broad numbers of health including your blood pressure, blood sugar, liver function, immune system and cholesterol. These are a good start but I would go further than this. If your only goal is to live with the ‘absence of illness’, then maybe this is enough. But I think most people are looking at how better to thrive not just survive. So let’s then have a look at your waist circumference, your body fat%, your cardiovascular endurance and your strength. I was constantly amazed when I did large scale health testing for a long term university study with various populations who would exclaim “Oh great I am average”……… Really? Who wants to be just average? Especially when you know ‘average’ is far from healthy. I know I am communicating with an intelligent group here so I am going to assume you are looking for more than just avoiding diabetes or cardiovascular disease. The numbers you get will tell you how you are faring with your health, fitness and strength. Whatever the result is right now, you have the information you need to make decisions. All the wishing in the world won’t change things, it is action that will change things. But in saying this, of course you need to know what action to take.

In my business, we are always looking at the numbers to know if what we are doing is having the desired impact. This just makes sense. There is nothing worse than wasted effort. The more regular you check how you are going, the more chances you have to steer your actions accurately and get to your goal faster.

I know you don’t bury your head in the sand when it comes to your money. Get seriously acquainted with your body and you will have some great ways to enjoy the fruits of your labour now and into the future.

We are half way through the year folks and some great things can still be achieved if you identify what has gone well and what hasn’t. Perhaps you didn’t really ever got started on project you. Take the time to draw the line in the sand and apply the effort where it is most needed.

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