After 18 days of running on average about 60km per day from Brisbane to Sydney!

Damian King (my mate of 40 odd years) crossed the finish line in Sydney last Sunday the 18th of August.

After 1000km of jogging every step of the way (no kickbiking or walking!) and braving crazy looking blisters on the verge of debilitating infection, strained muscles around his ribs making it impossible to take a proper breath at one stage, knees threatening to pack it in completely (like mine did), massive hill climbs testing aerobic function, hard hot roads and trucks whizzing by with in inches, he could finally sit down and rest and know that he didn’t have get up the next morning at 5.00am to face the music as he had done every day for the past 18.

damian king

He did extremely well to say the least. There aren’t enough superlatives to describe it. As someone who joined him at various stages of the run I can affirm that it was a ridiculously hard challenge. I did about 138km in total with him but no two days in a row simply because my body said no. If you felt so inclined to donate (I know I did out of pure respect) to the cause he ran for, I know he would be eternally grateful as will the recipients.

p.s. I am thinking of launching a ‘guaranteed weight loss’ program based on what he did. If you have a spare 18 days and don’t mind jogging then you too can lose 8kg! Guaranteed!! Not sure how this one will go though 🙂

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