It is our firm belief here that exercise is indeed a form of medicine. You could also see it as a kind of annuity or investment if you want to put it in financial terms. One that is sure, keeping to this metaphor, to make a return on investment that is overwhelmingly positive. “I wish I wasn’t so healthy!” Said no one ever!

How has your year gone when it comes to the deposits you have made in the bank of health? Or would you say that you have been withdrawing more than you have been regularly putting in? Easy to do in a crazy busy and often stressful world. The question you have to ask yourself is, am I being a master of my own destiny or am I letting the world just happen to me? Are you someone who takes proactive steps to ensure that you are in control when it comes to the ultimate state of your body and mind on a year to year basis? Or do you keep putting it off waiting for the optimal time to take action which never seems to come around?

Life is now my friends!

So what are deposits in the bank of health?

There are lots of things you can do and no one is ever perfect with this stuff but an awareness of where you sit when it comes to your health is about as important a topic as you dare ponder.

My post last week was about motivation. This ties in to that very topic. Maybe this list sparks some motivation in you?

We are heading in to the end of the year. Why not start something now so you don’t drag your heals in to the finish line of 2017 feeling slow and listless? There is no better way to face a new year than knowing you have already made a start on something that you have been trying to get on top of for a long time.There are no quick fixes but you can start feeling better right away with the right dose of exercise and at least some small changes around healthier eating.

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