Gut health is critical

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There are some US sources I really like when it comes to reliable information in the health and fitness field. I  really like Tom Venuto of burn the fat, feed the muscle (cheesy photos and US style marketing notwithstanding!). I like John Beradi and Precision Nutrition because he is so well balanced between science and real world results and I also like Jon Gabriel of the Gabriel Method. The article below is from him. It is an interesting read. I figure it is pretty smart to listen to someone who has successfully lost over 70kg and has made researching the body his life’s mission.

For the past year, at least half my research has been
devoted to the role of digestion and digestive health in
relation to weight gain and obesity.

Intuitively, I’ve always known that digestion played a
crucial role in weight management, and today, I’m excited by
the cutting-edge research that now proves this beyond a
shadow of a doubt.

A recent study reported in the medical journal, SCIENCE,
reported the following:

“Researchers gathered human twins in which one
was obese and the other lean. They transferred gut
bacteria from these twins into the guts of mice and
watched what happened.

The mice with bacteria from the overweight twin grew
fat; those that got bacteria from lean twin stayed lean.”

Here’s what this means…

  *Good digestive bacteria is associated with weight loss/ healthy weight
  *Bad digestive bacteria is associated with weight gain and obesity

For some people, their digestion is impaired due to
years of poor food choices and lifestyle habits; and for
others, their poor digestive health might actually predate
(and hence be the root cause) of obesity.

It’s a chicken vs. egg question, but regardless of how your
digestion became impaired, there is no question that healing
your digestion is paramount to losing weight long term.

Here are some very simple ways to start right healing right

(1) REDUCE INFLAMMATION – Make sure to eat essential fats
every day in the form of flax, chia, cold water fish, or fish oil
(all are extremely anti-inflammatory). Also try to go gluten-free
when you can.

(2) EAT PREBIOTICS – most people have heard of probiotics,
but prebiotics are just as important. They are what the
beneficial bacteria actually live and thrive on. The best
prebiotics are water- and fiber-dense vegetables, ideally
raw or lightly cooked.

(3) TAKE PROBIOTICS – fermented foods such as sauerkraut,
kim chi, and kefir are all great sources of natural bacteria.
And for most people, I also recommend taking a strong and
diverse probiotic supplement, particularly during the healing
phase. My personal preferred formula is here:

(4) USE HEALTHIER SUGARS – While we all know that things
 like soft drinks, cookies, crackers, and bread products cause
you to gain weight for hormonal reasons, what you may not
know is that the bad bugs feed off of processed sugar, making
your intestines a breeding ground for unfriendly bacteria.

Whenever possible find alternatives to these types of packaged
foods and sweeten your foods with healthier sugars, like
coconut palm sugar, stevia and xylitol.

If you suffer from digestive issues and are wondering
if it’s contributing to your weight problem; I can tell you
without a doubt, the answer is “yes,” and I’d recommend
you make it a priority to take action to heal.

In health,

Gabriel Method

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