Group Cardio Challenge – My Zone February

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I have spoken a lot about the importance of strength training lately. I stand by that. 

But having said all that, cardio is another important component of a well planned approach to your health and fitness.

There are just so many benefits it is crazy. Just think, whilst most people are trying to out-medicate their health problems, you are fortifying your body and mind so comprehensively that a pharmaceutical company would kill to have it bottled. Alas you can’t bottle it :), but you can take it daily. 

My advice is to mix it up in such a way that it is fun, interesting, challenging and at varying levels of intensity. That is, you don’t need to hit super high intensity all the time or ever for that matter. Just regularly make it challenging ‘for you’ as that is a vital part of achieving favourable adaptations. Although sometimes exercising at very comfortable level is simply great for mental health above all else.

On this point of encouraging regular cardio, we are putting on a My zone challenge in February for those who have one. We would love to see you on the app keeping it real and it’s starting in just a few days. You will see the details in the app next time you are in there. 

Remember exercising is much more fun when you have a goal of some kind and it is done with others, even if it is only virtual. Please reach out to others and say ‘gidday’ in the app. Post photos and make comments. Let’s get some engagement going. 

p.s. A rowing machine workout is a great one to do. Body weight supported, upper and lower body and a range of motion (pulling shoulders back) that we don’t do enough of. 



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