Who else wants to blast those thighs, flatten that stomach and get in great shape?

Well hopefully we have got your attention from our American style headline 🙂 Nevertheless we know that looking good is a primal driver for a lot of people. If this isnt the thing which you aspire for how ’bout – guarenteed better flexibility, improved posture, reduced risk for lower pain or taking your sport to the next level! If any of the above is you…

PILATES is the key for you leading into this Summer!

15 week course taking you all the way through till Christmas!

Joseph Pilates motto “After 10 sessions you will feel better, after 20 sessions you will look better and after 30 sessions you will have a whole new body”

Two Sessions per week starting September 10
Thursday 6:30am and Saturday 9:00am

Maximum Class Size of 10 – So you are never just another number!

All classes taken by the one and only Ericka Mira
• One Class per week: $375 Upfront (bring a friend and both pay $350)
• Two Classes per week: $600 upfront (bring a friend and both pay $550)

Auto-debit weekly payments can also be arranged
One Session per week – $27 + small admin fees
Two Sessions per week – $45 + small admin fees

1 on 1 private training available – contact below if you would like more information on this

All new clients receive first session as a free trial

You have the chance to do 30 sessions, have a whole new body and be having people in awe of how you look this Christmas!!

Don’t wait….. TAKE ACTION! Your new body could be what you are unwrapping this Christmas!!