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Goal setting session

It always starts with what YOU want and everything is designed around that. We are the catalyst and the support. You are the expert in you.

4 X 45 min Personal Training

2 weekly personal sessions for 2 weeks with an Accredited Exercise Physiologist teaching you how to workout safely and effectively for you.

Nutrition Support

In a way you probably haven't seen before. We don't dictate nor push any particular diet. We work with you and what you are ready for. We have a world class online system  that will educate and slowly change behaviour that you have targeted.


The line in the sand is your starting point and we will have a good look at where you are at right now. It's great to look back too later and see how far you have come!

Small Group Sessions - Fit Over 40

You will have access to our small group sessions allowing you to see how a supportive and non intimidating environment with others can help make exercise easier and more fun.

Heart Rate Tracking

We have technology that will show us how your cardio system is responding to the exercise. You get will to trial this as part of the offer showing you how the 'gamification' of exercise can be a great motivator and way to stay accountable.

Meet Anthony Gillespie.

Hi, I’m Anthony, founder of Best Practice Personal Training, and Fit Over 40 specialist group training. The only thing that really matters is your health because everything (and I mean everything) else emanates from that base. This is no more important investment you can make and the ROI will be priceless.

My mission is to help busy professionals, frustrated small business owners and retirees finally get on top of their health and fitness so they can get the most out of the rest of their life. Life is short right? It goes really fast, let’s not waste a second and extract as much as we can from this privilege we have.

PN Certified Coach Level 1

Additional Certifications

  • Functional Movement FMS Level 1
  • Tennis Australia Level 2 Professional Tennis Coach
  • Accredited Exercise Physiologist – ESSA 
  • Level 3 Fitness Professional (highest) 


  • UNSW B.Sp. Sc.
  • USQ B. Sc. Psych (HONS)

Areas of expertise

Mobility, rehab, strength training, weight loss, nutrition coaching, men over 50


Locations served

Brisbane is HQ – Full Suite of Health, Fitness & Training Services 

Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart and Canberra. The world really. We are online!

exercise classes

Is personal coaching right for you?

Personal coaching with Coach Anthony Gillespie is for you if:

You want to get healthier, fitter, and stronger — and stay that way for the rest of your life

This program is for people who want to lose weight and body fat, build physical strength and confidence, get results that last, and get off the diet roller-coaster once and for all. I won’t give you a crazy diet or exercise program to follow; instead, I’ll help you build habits that will get you results that last forever.

You’re tired of “quick fix” programs and are willing to dedicate time to getting in shape the sustainable way

If you’ve tried something before and “failed” — or just can’t stick with it — know that you’re not alone. And it’s not your fault. After all, self-directed training and nutrition programs fail 98 percent of the time. Not to mention, after many years in the fitness industry, I’ve seen dozens of diet and exercise fads come and go. That’s why I don’t follow fads. Instead, I’ll teach you doable daily actions that are designed to fit into a busy lifestyle. Bottom line: I’ll help you make fitness and nutrition a part of your life, without it taking over.

You want an expert to hold you accountable and keep you consistent through the program

Nothing worth doing can be done alone. That’s why I work closely with my clients to help them eat well and exercise, no matter what other craziness is going on in their lives. You’re busy and have enough to worry about; let me take care of the fitness and nutrition details so you don’t have to.

Want to get into the best shape of your life? Let me help.

Lose weight, build strength, and get the accountability you need.

Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve felt the peace of mind that comes with good health, the confidence to do what you truly want, or energy throughout your entire day.

If you’re ready to have the body you deserve and get control of your health and fitness once and for all, I’m ready to help you. No restrictive dieting. No all-or-nothing workouts. Just a science-proven program that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle—and the support you need, every step of the way.

I’ve dedicated my professional life to helping people transform their bodies through nutrition and fitness.

This is your limited opportunity to look, feel, and perform better than you ever thought possible—and build the habits you need to stay that way for life.

I’m ready to help you experience everything a healthy lifestyle has to offer.

But the next step is up to you.

– Anthony Gillespie B. Sport Science, B. Psych HONS

Accredited Exercise Physiologist

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