If I told you to aim at a target but you couldn’t see it, you didn’t know how far away it was or even the size of the object…. then how can I expect you to hit it??????

Many people go through life like this, simply living life day to day, having nothing to aim for or targets to hit (maybe the exception of work deadlines or sales targets)  and the years just rush by with not a lot really achieved. People become too afraid to set goals for fear of failure, they simply don’t have the skills to set them properly or it is simply too hard to think about!! Sound familiar?? 

In case you forgot, this THURSDAY 21st JANUARY at 7:30pmin our small group training room we will be bringing you everything there is to know about getting your year off to the very best start and knowing what to aim for.   Don’t be one of those people you hear time and time again with unrealistic/brash New Years statements of what will be attempted without putting too much thought or into it. Come February/March and generally it’s all but over, the year rushes by you, not much is achieved and the cycle repeats itself. 

Anthony will be drawing upon his years of experience in psychology, business and coaching to not only help you set goals for your number one asset. Learn the formula’s and secrets which  will really set you in good stead to achieving some great things this year not only in health and fitness but in family, financial, personal and business/work life.

Fill in your details below if you are planning on attending. I guarantee you attend this, take action on it and not only will you surprise yourself but those around you will be in envy at your achievements.

Hope to see you all there!!