Functional exercise program

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You’ve got 20 minutes to fit in something. Most people think it is not enough time and just don’t do anything. The far better reaction is have your routine ready to roll with no mucking around. I subscribe to the ‘get in, get out, get a life’ philosophy.

Okay here’s your 20 minute workout. This is only for those who have been trained in these movements with a professional and have been given the clearance by their doctor go for it.

5 minute progressive whole body warm up. All you need is a clock on the wall or if you are high tech, an iphone app timer that goes off every 20 seconds. Repeat the following 4 exercises 3 times, each time increase the range of the movement and speed. You should have a light sweat on your body at the end of the 3-4 minutes.

  • Body weight squat
  • Push up
  • Stationary lunge (on one leg then the other)
  • Stomach crunch

Next, you are aiming to do 4 exercises that involve the upper and lower body, aka hybrid exercises. There is minimal rest in between the exercises. Remember this is a 20 minute workout from warm up to cool down. Straight in to it. No procrastination, just pure work and focus.

  • Lunge walk with medicine ball twist
  • Squat with forward dumb bell raise
  • Functional trainer reverse wood chop
  • BB squat clean and press

You go through all these exercises with the timer set to 45 seconds. You transition from one exercise to the other as quickly as you can. Do this for 15 minutes and then cool down for 5 minutes on a rower.

You are done. Back to work and whatever it is that seems so important!

All these moves will be possible in Sweat, a best practice gym. Coming soon! Memberships on sale October 3. Open day October 16. You have to be there on that day to have a chance at winning the grand prize of 12 months free membership to Gym and Swim worth over $1000. There will be more information in the coming weeks. In the meantime keep checking back at the Sweat website as there will be a new website with all the relevant information within 7 days.

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