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Fit After 50

Do you want to be fit after 50?

I'm guessing the answer is a resounding "YES I DO!",  since you are here.

I'm also guessing that you saw me on this scooting around like a mad man :) You can''t take the kid out of this old guy.....

Since you have gone to the trouble of visiting this page - reach out to me. I would love to hear your story.

You can call me direct on 3854 0386

I have a business called Best Practice Personal Training here in Brisbane since 2005. This 'fit after 50' thing is new as I have recently joined that elite club. It has got me thinking about WHY people start to think more about this exercise gig around this time. I know from my experience it is usually about seeing your own parents age, perhaps not well and forseeing yourself at that age and wondering how YOU will be. May be it was the guy or girl in the white coat who finally gave you the dire warning that struck a chord.

My main thing is helping people HAVE A BETTER REST OF THEIR LIFE. We only get one and when you can move better and function well, the world simply becomes a better place.

If you are interested in having an obligation free chat, fill in the form below (or call me on the number above) and let me know about your reasons for wanting to be healthier, fitter, stronger and more capable of living out a great rest of your life :)

Anthony Gillespie

Bachelor of Sport Science UNSW 1993

Bachelor of Science Psych HONS 2006

Fitness Professional Level 3

Former AEP

Owner of Best Practice Personal Training since 2005