Before you can start any of this fitness stuff you must outline in detail your reasons for doing it or wanting to change. You must feel it as strongly as your desire to achieve anything that you have ever considered important in your life, whether it was study, work, relationship, spiritually or financially related. You must connect with your reasons emotionally. It has to move you deep inside. That’s kind of heavy I know but very necessary, because without it, your chances of achieving anything new are slim. You really only can get away with will power for a short period of time.

So picture what it is you want and use as much detail as you can. ‘Hear’ what it is you will hear when you have achieved what you are after. It might be that you are really looking forward to hearing people say to you things like “wow, what have you been doing lately? You look great!” Or perhaps it’s about what it is going to ‘feel’ like when you pull on those jeans that you wore when you were 20. Or maybe you respond better to the joy you will experience when you ‘see’ yourself in photographs, literally radiating health.

What ever it is, use what is most effective for you (perhaps use all three modalities – or more if you can think of them – maybe you can ‘smell’ fitness?). But the critical aspect is that you connect with it enough to be able to call it out when you feel side-tracked or challenged to deliver on your commitment. The greatest performers in the world, both athletes and entertainers alike use this method to align themselves to the work that is necessary to achieve high level performance. Whether you are looking for the highest level or not, it still takes effort to make progress towards a goal even if you only consider it to be modest. But understand this and understand it well – everything you do on a daily basis either takes you towards your dream or away from it. We are always making choices, so choose well!

So let’s put some bones to this by putting it down in writing.

Making progress in fitness/health means:

That I will feel

That I will hear

That I will see

That I will ??? –

Part 2 of this process is working back from this place you want to be and planning the ‘how’. We can really help you with this but the motivation finding process NEEDS to come from you. We will certainly encourage you but your dream is your dream, take ownership!