I saw a rerun of the Adam Sandler ‘comedy’ CLICK on the weekend. Whilst it has some  funny and entertaining moments it is, in my opinion a serious movie about the very meaning of life. For those of you who don’t know it, it is about a guy who is given a very special remote control that has the ability to freeze, slow down, speed up or completely jump various parts of his life that he doesn’t really enjoy. In the parts of his life that he jumps his body is there and participates but his mind is elsewhere. The real problem is that the remote control begins to learn his ‘preferences’ for jumping the boring stuff and starts doing it automatically. He begins to miss whole chunks of his life and having become so focussed on progressing in his career, he loses any meaningful relationship with his wife and children. It is an incredibly sad story because it reflects what can and does happen often when priorities get messed up.  This was a Hollywood movie so he got a second chance. But real life isn’t like that if you didn’t already know. As my friend Eminem says, ‘you’ve got just one shot’

So how does this relate to Best Practice and what we do? Well, we are here for when people finally get it, that the main priority in their life has to be their own health because they can be nothing to anybody with out it including their career but more importantly their family. Our most dedicated client and the most likely to be successful is the one who has truly found their reason why.

What’s yours??

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