Fighting with Fibre

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Fibre fibre fibre… what is the deal? It is plastered all over products in the supermarket and the media tells us we should eat it but why is it good for us?

Fibre is defined as the material in our plant foods that our digestive enzymes cant break down into absorbable nutrients. There are two types of fibre – soluble and insoluble.

Soluble fibre is what the name says – soluble but it is also undigestible carbohydrates. What does it do I hear you ask?

  • slows digestion (great for weight loss and feeling full!)
  • moderates blood insulin
  • moderates blood sugar levels
  • reduces cholesterol
  • provides energy for beneficial intestinal bacteria which alters the environment to suppress the growth of harmful bacteria
  • and improves the overall health of intestinal cells
  • Therefore in a nutshell it -protects against heart disease and diabetes.

Insoluble Fibre – speeds the passage of food through the digestive system by adding bulk to the intestinal contents. It also reduces the absorption of carcinogens and other undesirable molecules as the contents spend less time in this highly absorptive area.

Fibre is found in pretty much all of our fruits and vegetables. It would be a mistake to think that a juiced orange or carrot (taking out the fibre content) is as valuable as the whole fruit or vegetable.

EAT WHOLE FOODS and now you know why your mum got on your case as a kid – “EAT YOUR FRUIT AND VEGES!”

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