This is a bandwagon you should jump on. There is no downside, only endless good news for your body. I really like to see patterns broken because they are usually associated with lazy thinking and boring repetitive behaviour. It is human nature to battle change so why not change something this month that could be holding you back at best and damaging your brain big time at worst?  If nothing else you will have exercised some valuable self discipline which has the major benefit of reminding you that you can do something you set your mind to and this belief is vital for true success.

I am talking about not drinking alcohol at all in February, the shortest month by the way! Below are a few snippets taken off their website.

Participating in FebFast delivers real health benefits: 60% of past participants said they felt healthier after completing the month, and one in five reported losing weight. (Based on 2008 survey).

FebFast provides an opportunity to feel better about yourself, reflect on past consumption behaviours, reduce your waistline and save some money!

That all sounds like it fits in with what we all are trying to achieve this year. I am about to register and would like to have a best practice team. Email me if you are in and I will tell you what we need to do or do it by yourself.

Go to and see what it is all about.

I would love to hear from you!

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