Fascia is a fibrous net of connective tissue that surrounds every cell in the body and is crucial to muscular function. Fascia runs from your head all the way to the tips of your toes and is involved with most organs and structures in between. Think of it in a way that if you took everything in your body away, besides the fascia, you would be left with a outline of your body. Take a orange for instance, if you removed all the juice and flesh from inside it, what are you left with….well we could say that represents fascia.

Now fascia dysfunctions can create abnormal strain and pull bony structures out of alignment causing pressure on joints, resulting in pain and discomfort. Nerves, veins and arteries can also become trapped when dysfunction occurs causing various problems. This is where myofascia release or in other words foam rolling and trigger pointing comes into it. The purpose of this release is to elongate and soften the connective tissue. Sustained pressure (trigger pointing) allows fibres to lengthen creating more space and therefore reducing myofascia strain and tension. A trigger point is a tender spot where muscle has hardened and causes localised pain or referred pain when compressed. Common causes of this include overuse/muscle strain, direct trauma, inflammation, stress, prolonged immobility, hormonal or nutritional imbalance and poor posture.

Myofasica release is intended to improve localised tenderness in the fascia, improve range of motion and flexibility, improve performance, facilitate a quicker recovery and I could go on and on but let me just tell you….foam rolling and trigger pointing is GREAT!!

It takes roughly 90 seconds for the fascia to respond to the pressure applied and 3 minutes to 5 minutes for the release of the fascia. So if you want to experience the full benefits of it, it shouldn’t just be quick 5 minute thing, it takes time and consistency to see and feel the real benefits from foam rolling and trigger pointing. 
So their is a quick lesson on fascia and foam rolling, don’t waste anytime and grab your foam roller and loosen those muscles!!

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