Exercising over the break

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A smart way to approach this time of year is to do one of two things depending on where you are at.

If it has been an extremely busy and tough year, then take this time to breathe, recover and regather focus for the next one, ensuring this time, to plan your priorities. Everyone will have different priorities but  one thing should be constant for all – taking care of number 1. No matter how self less you want to be in this life, you can’t help anyone if you are in poor shape, mentally and or physically.

“All I want for Christmas is greater strength, improved fitness, optimised nutrition and supreme health”. Is that too much to ask Santa? Now that would be a present worth opening!!

If you have been looking after yourself this year then good for you. But now is not the time to drop the ball on this one.  Athletes around the world follow a program that is ‘cycled’. You should do the same. Treat this time of year as your ‘active recovery time’. Active recovery is about doing stuff that is fun and usually less intense. Get outdoors and hike, jump in the Valley pool and do some laps or dive in the ocean and some body surfing, or try something new in the best practice gym, or take up a sport (I tried baseball this year) or play with your kids. Reap the rewards of a year well spent and mentally prepare yourself for 2013 and more action. May be our first group training program in 2013 is one you should sign up for now so you are locked in to something that is guaranteed to get you fit in the early part of the year. Our first 8 week group fitness program will be ‘triathlon’ themed meaning, some run, swim and cycle. Remember you don’t have to be fit to do this but you WILL be fit at the end. 8 spots only for this. No more big groups for us, just small ones with people who are serious about committing to the process. Is that you? Make 2013 your best year ever.

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