Exercise at your home.

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Exercise at home!

Last week I spoke about exercising where you love. Well, now I am saying get your exercise done at home! The two places may actually coincide. I certainly do hope you love where you live and the convenience of training there is simply huge. No travel time and no crowds…unless of course you have a big family. 

You may already know, that besides training people in person at Bowen Hills Brisbane, we also do personal sessions online via Zoom or Facetime or WhatsApp or whatever online meeting app you like. There is a video below of my ‘at home’ training space, which happens to be where I do a lot of my online sessions from, with clients from all around the place. The set up allows me to demonstrate the movements quite clearly visually and audibly, using the same simple equipment I recommend you start your home gym with. 

There are also a couple of video demonstrations of movements that might be a good fit for you in your training, at your home. Check them out. And the other video is of actual online session in action. Thanks Ken!

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