Pretty soon I am studying some information that will add dramatically to the service I am building here at Best Practice. It is about major body transformation, using up to date science based principles  that are being utilised for amazing results right now all around Australia. It is called Metabolic Precision and you will want to know more if losing 10+kg’s is on your radar this year.

But just to remind you what we currently have – we have a new gym (for those who know what they are doing and like the convenience of our location and the addition of the pool), bootcamp (new in 2012 for those who like the motivation of working with others) and of course personal training (for those who have identified ‘change’ or indeed for our PT members, ‘maintenance’ as their theme for 2012).

The link to the article I want you to read today is below. I won’t use the word they use because a million spam blockers will go off but it is an interesting read because it adds weight to the assertion that exercise is indeed the best prescription of them all.

exercise the cure all!