Exercise and the fountain of youth…

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Look. I am not a huge fan of the Sunday Mail but my wife wanted me to get it yesterday because there was an Elmo CD of Christmas Carols for Indi (our 5 year old). Anyway long story short I found a great article about a new study which found that endurance exercise (exercise like you might do on computrainer) stimulates the number of stem cells in our muscles which helps rejuvenate them and here’s the quote from eminent Professor Dafna Benayahu that I like, “For the first time our findings can explain why older people, who have exercised throughout their lives age more gracefully”.


Tell us something we the converted don’t already know!! In an age where there is a pill for everything why oh why don’t we use the best medicine of all thats one main side effect…. is feeling good and looking better???

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Your Lifestyle Has Consequences

Have you ever heard the saying, ‘that you become what you think about all day long’? The same also applies to exercise, ‘you become what you do or don’t do on a regular basis’. Hence the headline today. The trick with this ‘consistent exercise gig’ we all know we need is to find your motivation. If you can achieve that, you will no longer need ‘will power’, as the reason for doing it drives the action on auto pilot.